Advisory Board

The candidates for the scientific advisory board of the BMA2020 meeting represent members of the elected executive and scientific boards of the BMAS society, members selected based on their expertise and ongoing research programs in the field of bone marrow adipose tissue biology, and the invited speakers. We are thankful for their ongoing support and dedication to this meeting.

If you'd like to nominate someone for consideration as a board member (including yourself), please contact Erica Scheller at

  1. Ormond MacDougald PhD (PI, USA)
  2. Sundeep Khosla MD (PI, USA)
  3. Pouneh Fazeli MD (PI, USA)
  4. Antonella Poloni MD (PI, Italy)
  5. Moustapha Kassem MD, PhD (PI, Denmark)
  6. Jeroen van de Peppel PhD (postdoc, Netherlands)
  7. Annegreet Veldhuis-Vlug MD (postdoc, Netherlands)
  8. Clifford Rosen MD (PI, USA)
  9. William Ferris PhD (PI, South Africa)
  10. Greet Kerckhofs PhD (PI, Belgium)
  11. Michaela Reagan PhD (PI, USA)
  12. Andre van Wijnen PhD (PI, USA)
  13. Tom Clemens PhD (PI, USA)
  14. Miriam Bredella, MD (PI, USA)
  15. Pierre Hardouin PhD (PI, France)
  16. Bram van der Eerden PhD (Netherlands)
  17. Olaia Naveiras MD, PhD (Switzerland)
  18. Eleni Douni (PI, Greece)
  19. Stephanie Lucas (PI, France)
  20. Claire Edwards PhD (PI, UK)
  21. Christophe Chauveau PhD (PI, France)
  22. Mara Riminucci MD, PhD (PI, Italy)
  23. Courtney Karner PhD (PI, USA)
  24. Janet Rubin MD (PI, USA)
  25. Gustavo Duque MD, PhD (PI, Australia)
  26. Gina Woods, MD (PI, USA)
  27. William Cawthorn PhD (PI, UK)
  28. Mark Horowitz PhD (PI, USA)
  29. Dimitrios Karampinos, PhD (PI, Germany)
  30. Urszula Iwaniec, PhD (PI, USA)
  31. Michaela Tencerova, PhD (PI, Czech Republic)
  32. Ann Schwartz, PhD, MPH (PI, USA)
  33. Izabela Podgorski, PhD (PI, USA)
  34. Li Qiang, PhD (PI, USA)
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